“One night I was in Madrid. I drew a paper boat, like the ones you wear as a hat: there was a migrant aboard, wearing a life jacket. Later that man told me he had arrived in Europe just like that, on a dinghy.” Sibomana

Sibomana is an italo-belgian artist born in 1986, he grew up among different countries and cultures, between DR Congo, Rwanda, Belgium and Italy. He began doing graffiti in the early 2000s. In 2009 he got a degree in graphic design in Brussels.

Sibomana lives in Rome but works in several countries, most often in the streets, catching the attention of people. The message of his artworks is clear: to educate people on integration between different cultures.

With the project “Waves of the heroes”, initiated in 2015, he draws posters on immigration in the main cities of the European migrant routes: Lesvos Island, Athens, Rome, Berlin and Istanbul. (project still in progress)

In 2016, he organized a workshop/collaboration with Kurema Kureba Kwiga (rwandan artist collective) at Impact Hub in Kigali, series of twenty six portraits by ten different artists reminding us the sacrifice and bravery of refugees.

Since years, Sibomana has made numerous mural interventions around the world. (DR Congo, Rwanda, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany)

His latest project “Children of the Sea” includes an exhibition and a workshop on migration dedicated to children at Explora Museum in Rome, a collaboration with Journeys Festival International.