- The One Face project -

Nicosia 2017 (CY)

– The One Face project – The One Face project took place In Nicosia, the last divided capital city in the world.

“I went to Nicosia and, discovering its inhabitants, wanting to feel the city without the wall, I saw it and felt it as One Face. I saw many beautiful differences between both sides of the city but what I saw even more were the beautiful similarities. They are uniquely different, but I would like to think they re similar, similar as the right and left part of one face”.

In may 2017 Sibomana went to Cyprus to discover why cypriots inhabitants from both sides of the island couldn’t find a way to live together as one.


For this project he pasted two big portraits in both side of the city along the separation wall, inviting the inhabitants to reflect about the actual division of the island, inviting all cypriots to open their eyes to see the similarities between both cultures and to stop looking at the differences.

– Model Matina Gileni
– Special thanks to Katerina, Mathieu Devavry, Apostolia, Dervish G.Zeybek, Huseyin Ekinci