– People from Birere – Since 1994 and the Rwandan genocide, Eastern DR Congo has been at the center of multiple humanitarian disasters: massive displacement of population, attacks, rapes, wars, looting, ethnic confrontations, all these supported and worsened by national and international actors interested in controlling resources of the rich region. The situation is now, slowly, improving.

Goma is the capital city of the province of North Kivu and counts more than one million inhabitants.

Located right upon the border with Rwanda, Birere is a district of Goma and counts more than 130.000 inhabitants. Birere is a zone of business, a very chaotic neighborhood with a very poor population. This area is characterized by insecurity and high crimes rates, but also by a lot of smiles and colors.

In 2013 and 2016 Sibomana went to the city of Goma to draw some portraits of the inhabitants of Birere and paste his posters with them in the streets of the neighborhood.